Pan-to-Tube Conveyor Transition

Industry leading pan-to-tube conveyor transition design and synchronized conveyor belts ensure maximum product delivery rates and no spillage at the transition point.

Pan Conveyor Reverse Unload

First to incorporate a reverse-unload feature. The reverse unload standard feature adds the ability to unload the Quickveyor off the front of the pan conveyor into a pit. This feature is capable of unloading the entire contents in just over 7 minutes (tested 27.5 tons potash).

Stainless Steel Quick Release Tube Conveyor Mount

Most recently we incorporated a stainless steel mounting shaft and toggle-latch system into the tube conveyor pivot attach point. This eliminates corrosion and enables the operator to more easily disconnect the tube conveyor from the trailer for off-season removal and maintenance operations.

Aluminum Landing Gear

Quickveyor 40s include 10-year warrantied Aluminum Landing Gear on all trailers.

Aux Air Supply in Air Gauge Box

One of our latest additions to the long list of Quickveyor 40 standard features is an Auxiliary Air Supply Outlet located in the Air Gauge Box.

Stainless Steel Hopper Doors

Quickveyor 40s include industry leading Stainless Steel Hopper Doors. These doors are significantly stronger than aluminum and ensure greater longevity. In addition, double-direction doors on trailers with divided compartments enable the operator to unload either compartment first.

Smooth Rear Panel

The clean-design rear panel on all Quickveyor 40s eliminates product build up and corrosion issues.