Peterson Motors Co. is the exclusive designer, manufacturer and outlet of the revolutionary “Quickveyor.” The state of the art stainless steel conveyor system built for the seed and fertilizer industries. Designed to meet our customers’ needs of reliability, longevity and flexibility, the Quickveyor has been in production since 2000.

We take great pride in the Quickveyor and our expert team that continuously improves the design, manufactures, sells, and services them. With actual farmers and former over-the-road truckers on our team, we have an intimate knowledge of the challenges our customers face.

We are a locally-owned, independent truck and trailer dealership and fertilizer tender manufacturer located in the heart of the upper Midwest in Watertown, South Dakota. In business since 1989, we have been serving the farming and trucking industries with an ever-growing inventory and clientèle base… and our customers come to us from all over the globe.

We intend to deliver the best fertilizer conveyor trailer available to our customers… and continue to improve it year after year… and, to provide the exceptional service and support you have come to expect from our team.

If you have any questions, please stop in, give us a call at (888) 327-8298 or send an email to .


     The Quickveyor Team