Shur-co Electric Tarp with Remote

The 4500 Series HD features a powerful American-made motor with all-metal gearbox and incredibly reliable magnetic brake. The heavy-duty extruded aluminum torsion arm is he strongest in the industry, backed with a Shur-co lifetime warranty. The arm is also equipped with patented spiral-reinforced elbow for flexibility to move smoothly over loads.

4-Direction Swinging Discharge Chute w/ Remote

The 4-Direction Swinging Discharge Chute option enables left-to-right and up-down adjustment using either a remote control or push buttons on the side of the trailer.

This option offers a huge increase in functionality… whether that be in reaching multiple compartments of an air seeder, fully filling a larger compartment, or enabling fine tuning of the drop zone once you have backed into position.

Quick Clean Out Doors

Made of durable Lexan and Aluminum, our Quick Clean Out Doors provide a safe alternative to get all of the product out of the hoppers from the safety of ground level.

The operator can reach through the door with a broom or wash out the hopper with a hose or we now provide an Aux Air Supply in the Air Gauge Box as a std feature that would enable the operator to reach in through the window with a high pressure air wand.

3 or 4 Compartments

The 3 or 4 compartment option allows you to carry a large variety of loads in the same trip. We can split the front compartment (3-compartment option), or both compartments (4-compartment option) to provide you the flexibility you need.

Any compartment can be emptied in any order, due to our unique double acting doors, that will open either compartment first.

Stainless Steel Fenders

Stainless steel fenders create an extra level of protection from road grime, flying debris damage, and corrosive salts to protect your investment.

Shur-co Power Trap with Remote (ProTrap)

Pair your Shur-co 4500 Series HD electric tarp with the Shur-co ProTrap® electric hopper opener. It safely slides hopper doors open and closed with the touch of a button while you stay back, out of the dust… or, stand on your air-seeder.

The Shur-co ProTrap’s all-metal gears and housing are designed to handle the hard stops, with a high efficiency planetary gear reduction and breaker circuit at the battery to protect your motor.

Self-Contained Pony Motor Hydarulics w/ Honda EFI

The Quickveyor System requires either a wet kit capable of producing 16-18 GPM at 2500 PSI or an optional Self-Contained Pony Motor Hydraulic System. This includes a powerful Honda EFI motor, hydraulic pump, and hydraulic fluid reservoir in one easy-to-operate system attached below the center of the Quickveyor trailer


It’s time to say good-bye to hammers and mallets to empty out the hoppers. Handle your commodities safer and more efficiently with our vibrators made in the USA.

There is also an option to add Shur-co remote control of the vibrators.

Shur-co Rear LED Flood Lights with Remote (LiteALL)

A perfect combination of affordability, durability and functionality! Complete 12-volt system is specifically designed for use with the single Shur-co remote control.

These LED high-intensity flood beams mounted on the rear of the Quickveyor will let you and your team work into the night more safely.

Shur-co Gustbuster Tarp Cords

Gustbusters are an easy and inexpensive way to provide added protection to your tarping system against windy conditions.

Interior LED Lights

Customers asked for an interior LED Light option. This option will enable you to work into the night while being able to clearly see into your hoppers.

Spout Extension Tube Adapter

A removable 10” flexible extension tube mounted at the end of the conveyor system reduces wind effects and gives the user more ability to “direct” the commodity into multiple compartments or to deflect it into the corners of a large compartment.

CabCam Wireless Camera System

The CabCam Wireless Camera System enables your drivers to “see” the drop zone of the Quickveyor conveyor from their cabs. You can have multiple Color LED Screens that are wirelessly connected to the camera on the nearest Quickveyor. The cameras is both color (day) and IR (night) capable.

Pintle Hitch

For those users that operate in states that allow grain-trains. An air cushioned Pintle Hook and Rear Power Plug enable you to connect a pup trailer for efficient off-season commodity hauling.

Total Remote

We had several customers request a “Total Remote Control Option.” So, we designed and built it.

This option enables an operator to remotely control all functions of the Quickveyor to include: pony motor start, tube conveyor up-down/left-right manuevering, conveyor belt start, compartment selection, and system shutdown.

To complete this option, you will also need to purchase the Pony Motor and Power Traps options.